Rosemary Khamati


Rosemary Khamati and her family
Rosemary Khamati and her family

Born and brought up in a Christian family, she is fifth in a family of nine. Rosemary participated in Sunday school and later taught Sunday school for many years in her church. Rosemary studied and earned a Bachelor degree in education, a diploma in Business Management, and enrolled for Masters in Leadership Studies but dropped out due to lack of funds. She is a single parent with four grown daughters. All of them are working in Nairobi, three of them are married and the last one is getting married on April 20, 2018. She has one grandson and God willing, expecting the second grand child in August.

Rosemary has a calling to serve the least of these (Sudanese communities) with integrated transformation through formal education, training, and community development. This calling has come to be after a very long time of learning from past experiences in other Christian and public sectors, prayer, and even going back to the drawing board to learn to do it better. She first joined the non-profit work in 1994 after working for the government for two years and for her ex-husband for over 12 years in his legal firm. The time she spent working with the Kenya government and the legal office and the last two Christian organizations have played a huge part in preparing her for what she is doing at the moment. It has been a long and challenging walk but the Lord walks with her and talks with her along the way and she is encouraged.

Rosemary said, “South Sudan has remained on my heart or should I say that my heart has remained in South Sudan for over 20 years. I believe that God still wants me to finish what He would have me do in South Sudan as a part of His transformation plan for that nation.”

Her hobbies and interests are reading books on leadership, community development, spending time with her girls when she isn’t working or travelling, and to of course laugh her heart away. Rosemary shared, “It goes without saying that I love to work and to make new friends. My interest is to see every Sudanese child have access to education and to have a relationship with our Lord and Savior. I love to entertain and write stories, especially about South Sudan. On the family front, I love to spend time with my girls talking about ourselves, our relationship and walk with the Lord, and giving them counsel. I love to take care of my family.”


History with PEACE International

Rosemary Khamati is the former Africa Director of Sudan Evangelical Alliance (SEA) Partners, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. We first met Rosemary in 2003 in Liethnom, Sudan when she was working there with World Relief. She moved on from World Relief and began working with SEA-Partners in Boma, Sudan where she travelled extensively to assist and work with locals in Sudan and oversaw all projects taking place “on the ground” in Boma.

We were blessed to have helped SEA Partners build the first-ever school for children in Boma, and during Christmas of 2009 and 2010 our Learning Center kids raised money to help build additional classrooms. In addition, a number of wells have been drilled to bring clean drinking water to Boma. Rosemary was actively involved in every aspect of these projects, from hiring staff, to arranging the logistics of having all supplies brought in from outside the area, to encouraging those doing the hard work.

In 2010, we visited Rosemary and the ministry of SEA Partners in Boma, to see the schools and the transformation that has been taking place in that community. In 2012 Rosemary left SEA Partners and founded a new organization called PEACE (Partnerships for East African Community Empowerment) which was working primarily in Biong, South Sudan. Fellowship continued to resource the SEA Partners work in Boma for a short time longer, but chose to focus more on Rosemary's new efforts through PEACE. The mission of PEACE is to transform the African community through children’s education, leadership training, evangelism and community development.

The organization did ministry in the Biong Village north of Bor town in Bor County of South Sudan. A three-class room school building was set to be completed for the children to start school in January 2014 but in December 2013 fighting broke out in South Sudan and the school was occupied by the army of the South Sudan government. Chances of reclaiming the school property became impossible and it was on that basis that PEACE moved to Northern Uganda to minister to the refugee children and their parents who were living in refugee settlements in Adjumani. Since then, two blocks of two class rooms each have been built. This school opened in August 2014.


Each year, we work with our global partners to refine how our involvement might support their essential ministry efforts and projects, and learn about their kingdom-advancement and ministry expansion dreams—if God would provide the means to make them happen.

Last year, God provided resources for our partners' efforts with over $700,000 from our Global Christmas giving. Our plenty, providing for their needs. We encourage you to pray and ask for the Lord’s leading in how your generosity can have an impact all around the world, all to the glory of God!

Expenditure List
Salary Stipend for Rosemary

Monthly income for personal and ministry expenses of Rosemary ($1,000/monthly).

Teacher Stipends

These funds will support our 13 teaching staff for our 800 students, pre-K through 5th grade. With committed teachers, our students will be able to read and write, and above all, read the bible for themselves. As they read the bible the Lord will reveal truths to them and that is our ultimate vision, leading them to have a personal relationship with the Lord. Our transformational vision and mission will be achieved. ($300 per teacher/month=$3,900/month).

Head School Master Stipends

Gives oversight to academics and overall management. Every school is required to have a head teacher to oversee the day to day administration of the school activities. This position gives overall leadership in the school and represents the school in educational meetings and conferences. ($400/month=$4,800)

Assistant Teacher Stipends

Early childhood assistant teachers. These are the ones who ensure that the youngest children in the school learn how to play with others. PEACE has found out that when children play together they become friends and this enhances the peace that we are teaching the community. These are a major part in the community that shapes the children at an early age when they are still flexible to learn and to be nurtured. (3 Assist Teachers, $150 per teacher/month=$5,400)

School Chaplain Stipends

This position offers Christian education and guidance to the students to grow up knowing the basic biblical teachings that they grow up with even as they learn more as they grow and read the bible for themselves. This position doubles up as the Church relations coordinator for the Church leaders’ trainings. A very important position, both in the community and school. ($300/month=$3,600)

School Administrator Stipends

Mobilizer of parents and students for activities. It would be impossible to mobilize the parents for school activities and participation by parents without this position. The holder resides within the community, is respected, and is effective in the lives of parents, teachers, students, and the whole community. ($300/month=$3,600)

School Classrooms

These funds will provide 2 additional classrooms to accommodate new students. This is a huge need as the Covid 19 protocols must be followed and social distancing makes it inevitable for us to have additional space. If our teachers complete the syllabus for Grade 4 by the end of the year our students will graduate to Grade 5 in January when schools open. It is therefore inevitable to have additional class rooms to accommodate the additional students.

Church Leader’s Training

Training church leaders from different settlements/tribes living in different refugee settlements in Adjumani. So far we have reached out to 60 church leaders from 7 different settlements/tribes. The communities from which these leaders come have experienced tremendous peace and coexistence to the amazement of the government, especially the Prime Minister’s office in charge of the refugees. There is nothing better than a peaceful community. This has been made possible through this training. (3 trainings per year)

Women’s Empowerment Training

Training 150 women in Biblical Discipleship, Business Skills, Agriculture and VSLA participation throughout the year. The tailoring group of 16 that started in 2019 are graduating and will now have their own businesses, which is very exciting! We will start the next tailoring group of 16 in January.

Adjumani Office Space Rent

Renting an office space allows more stability for Rosemary to conduct operations in Adjumani. This permits her to be more efficient and effective for ministry work.

Adjumani Administrative Staff

These funds will support our program manager, project officer, bookkeeper and admin assistant. ($2,000/month)

Staff Training

Given the training that we just concluded, it has become very necessary to train all Kenya and Uganda the staff within the organization. If we have to reach out to those that we serve, investing in our staff cannot be overemphasized. There are those who have come without any experience and without any knowledge of who we are and what we are about. For all of us to be on the same page and speaking the same language is a critical need.