About Fellowship

Welcome! These are exciting times in our community of faith, and we are eager to see where God is leading. Our greatest hope and prayer is not simply that you would join our church, but that you would answer the same invitation Jesus provided to His disciples, which is simply to follow Him. Our entire church is purposed around this task of following Jesus together.

First time here?

We would love for you to be our guest this weekend at one of our two campuses. Visit our Guests page to learn more about your first visit.

Our Mission

Becoming a community of people who follow Jesus with our whole heart and help others do the same.

This is who we are.

Fellowship is committed to our mission: becoming a community of people who follow Jesus with our whole heart and help others do the same. This commitment comes from our deepest desire of seeing our community and the world changed by the gospel as people follow Jesus and find life in him.

Our Story
Core Values
About Fellowship - Our DNA
About Fellowship - Biblical Teaching

We are Word Centered.

We place a strong emphasis on expository Bible teaching, with the sincere hope to move the truth of the Word into practical application in the lives of the church, as the leadership aims to live out authentic faith in their own lives.

The Gospel

We really are better together.

A key distinctive of Fellowship is our team approach to ministry within our teaching team. Two exceptional teaching pastors rotate between our two campuses, fully free to express their God-given passion and diverse style. This allows all learning styles and spiritual maturity levels within the congregation to connect and glean from different approaches, personalities and gifting of our teachers.

About Fellowship - Team Ministry
Teaching Pastors, Lloyd Shadrach and Rob Sweet