Intro to Fellowship

Coming to a new church can be hard. New people, new buildings, and all the hand-shaking can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It's a vulnerable spot, and we want to meet you there.

That's why we created a class called Intro, an easy first step for you to get to know us and what church is like here at Fellowship. And since it's on the first Sunday of every month, you don't have to wait to get connected.

Intro takes the pressure off. Get signed up today, come meet some great people, and join in the story God is writing here at Fellowship.

Next Steps Classes

Once you have completed our Intro to Fellowship Class, you will be invited back to attend our Next Steps Classes. We want to give you the opportunity to join our mission by learning more about giving, serving, groups, studies, and our beliefs. Join us for three Sundays of Next Steps to jump in. Learn more about our Next Steps Classes in our Intro to Fellowship Class that happens the first Sunday of every month!

Lauren Brookshire

Lauren Brookshire

Director of Next Steps