Darko Mikulic

History of Involvement in Croatia

2005 - 2006: Fellowship became involved through the Basketball camp in July 2005. Through the ministry of Athletes in Action (AIA), the basketball camp in Brod started in the summer of 2001. Mike Sigfrids of AIA approached Brad Tunnell about the possibility of sending members of Fellowship to help run a basketball camp in Brod. After seeing the partnership AIA has with the Baptist church in Brod, Fellowship sought to become a part of the camp.

2007: Our third year to help run the camp where over 100 children from ages 8-18 participated. During the camp, the children are not only taught basketball skills but also shown and taught what a relationship with God through Jesus Christ looks like.

2009: Fellowship sent two different teams to serve. The first one taught at a marriage workshop at Slavonski Brod Baptist Church and the second hosted another annual basketball camp, teaching b-ball skills and and sharing their faith in Christ.

2011: A team went to lead a marriage and family workshop, to deepen relationships in the church and encourage our Croatian brothers and sisters in Christ.

Darko Mikulic and family

"I was privileged to be raised in a Christian home were both of my parents were Christian that is rare opportunity which only few have in Croatia. I am grateful to the Lord for showing me His grace in my upbringing. When I was 12 I surrender my life to Christ and decided to follow Jesus. In my teenage years my walk with the Lord had its ups-and-downs, but He remain faithful even when I was not.

When I was at the end of high school I was thinking about meaning of life in front of me, I was planning different things trying to find fulfillment but constantly searching the Word and crying to Lord to be real in my life. And then Lord called me, with inexpressible words of His divine utterance in the same time He calmed and inflamed my soul with His overflowing love for me and lost world around me. He called me to give my life to Him, that He does whatever he desires in me and through me. Reveling His majesty and amazing grace, I could only say, 'Here I am, do Lord all you plan, I desire to be available to you. My future and my life is in Your hands, you work through me.' Then I knew that next step is education, so I went and finished International Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia.

After graduating, that summer Lord blessed me to get married with my dear and supportive wife, Gorana. This year we celebrated our tenth anniversary. Lord was increasingly faithful and kind to us, He sustained us close to Him and to one another. He blessed us with our three precious children: two girls (Lara is nine, Hana six) and a boy (Matija four). I could only say, 'Lord thank You so much for blessing me with wife and kids who all love me so much.'

After getting married Lord had opened opportunity to join the church planting team in Slavonski Brod. With population of 70,000, Brod was in that time the largest Croatian town without any evangelical church. Now after ten years we see small but growing body of believers who love the Lord and being transformed into Christ-likeness. As a pastor of our church, I can say it is my privilege and joy to be called by Him and be available tool in His hands. To share Word of God, His Love and his Life with other that are being called in His family, and the Light with those in the darkness, makes my life meaningful and joyful. My longing is to be used by One crucified and risen for me, as He desires and wishes.

One thing I enjoy is nature. Our town is placed in between a river and hills. To go walking on those locations alone, with family, or brothers makes me refreshed and inspired."


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Expenditure List
Social Projects

The church will use these funds to provide food packages for socially neglected families.

There is Hope Festival

The vision for this festival is to give every person in Slavonski Brod an opportunity to hear the Gospel. We have the freedom to share the Good News in the public square and create awareness of the living hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.This will provide the rest of funds needed for this project.

Area Conference in Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod will host an area conference for the purpose of edifying believers from ten small neighboring churches.

Summer Camp for Croatian teens

The church would like funds to sponsor teenagers attending a summer Christian camp on the coast of Croatia.

Local Youth Camps in Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod church will host two youth camps (Christmas and Easter break) for kids in the area.

Mission Conference

The church would use these funds to send believers to a mission conference for the purpose of equipping and educating them.

Beds and Wardrobes

Slavonski Brod church has started to equip the upper floors of the building to be used as sleeping rooms for kids camps and mission teams. They are in need of bunks beds and wardrobes for this space.

Outreach Event: There is Hope Festival

The vision for this festival is to give every person in Slavonski Brod an opportunity to hear the gospel. We have the freedom to share the Good News in the public square and create awareness of the living hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. This will fund half of the festival.

Stipend for Darko

Like other areas where Fellowship is involved, Pastor Darko Mikulic cannot sustain his family with four children on the tithes of Slavonski Brod Baptist Church. Our small amount each year helps supplement Darko’s income to allow him to do the work he’s called to in Slavonski Brod.