Ministry in Greece, Part Three - Fellowship’s Greek Odyssey

What does ministry in the land of Greece look like?

If you’re curious, ask those from our Fellowship who have traveled there for short-term opportunities.

For instance, in both 2009 and 2011, some of Fellowship’s finest worship leaders and musicians joined with Hellenic Ministries in leading Young Worship Leader’s Conferences at a seaside hotel just north of Athens.

On each occasion, young musicians from Greek evangelical churches were given practical advice on every aspect of this important topic, from “gaining the heart of a worship leader” to the practicalities of running audio equipment. More than this, however, was the fact that the team shared their hearts and their personal stories with those in attendance. Hearts were knit together with a spirit-inspired unity.

Only after the conference did the Greeks search online and find, to their surprise, that their unassuming “teachers” were some of Music City’s finest: a record label Vice President, a songwriter who’d written songs they knew by heart, a producer who arranges for Disney, a musician recognized nationally for his worship conferences, etc. The students were delighted.

A few years later, in the summer of 2015, a Fellowship team traveled to northern Greece to join Operation Joshua, a massive Bible distribution campaign organized each summer by Hellenic Ministries. Over 350 people from around the world took part, covering 400 villages door-to-door with over 125,000 modern-language New Testaments. The days were long and hot, and walking through the villages could be a bit intimidating. But our team was filled with joy, thrilled for the opportunity to be involved in such a meaningful endeavor.

Fellowship hopes to send many more teams to Greece in the future. Perhaps the Lord would have you take your own “Greek Odyssey” by joining us in ministry to this ancient land…. a land that desperately needs what only is found in God’s Word.


For more information on the spiritual needs of Greece or future short-term teams, please contact Pastor Dan Vorm ( ).