Before connecting with a Fellowship Group, read the Fellowship Group Commitment:


Find a Group

New Fellowship Groups form and launch at our Fall (September) and Winter (January/February) Group Connect. If you have questions about Fellowship Groups, feel free to contact our Groups Team. We are glad to help! 

Are you new to Fellowship? We encourage you to attend our Intro to Fellowship class that happens the first Sunday of every month.


Lead a Group

Step 1: Interest

We wouldn’t have groups without group leaders. If you have ever led a small group before or are interested in starting and leading a group, submit our Leader Interest Form to let us know you are interested. Thank you for your interest!

Step 2: Leader Interview

Schedule a face to face interview with a member from our Fellowship Groups Team. Please bring a copy of your Gospel Story to your interview.

Step 3: New Leader Orientation

Attend a new leader orientation hosted by our Fellowship Groups Team.

Step 4: Leader Commitment

This is your final step in becoming a Fellowship Group Leader.

Group Leader Resources

If you are currently leading a group, all resources can be found on our Group Leader Resources page.


  1. JJ Jones
    JJ Jones
  2. Will Heydel
    Will Heydel
    • Pastor of Young Adults & Fellowship Groups | Young Families
    • 615-277-9542
  3. Alan Henderson
    Alan Henderson
  4. Jennifer Palmer
    Jennifer Palmer
  5. Paige Stroup
    Paige Stroup
    • Leader of Adult Ministries & Interim Director of Women's Ministry
    • 615-277-9408