For our guests

We exist to glorify God and make disciples by helping people find wholehearted life in Jesus.

When you arrive

It can be intimidating and even frightening to walk into a new place, especially a church. But we believe you're here for a reason, and so are we. We hope these FAQs will help you get an idea of what to expect when you’re our guest this Sunday.

What do I wear?

Most of our members and regular attenders tend to dress casual, but you're welcome to dress however you're most comfortable.

What about my kids?

During our weekend worship services, we have classes for children, nursery to 6th grade, while our student ministries (7th-12th grade) meet on Wednesday evenings. We desire to bless you as you attend our weekend worship services with the assurance that your child is safe and well-loved.

When do I arrive?

If you have children to check in at Fellowship Kids (our weekend children's program), we recommended you arrive about 20 minutes prior to the start of the worship service. If not, plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before to explore and find a seat.

Where do I park?

Brentwood Campus

To check-in children, park in the lot just outside of the Learning Center. If not, park outside of the Worship Center (see map below).

Fellowship Brentwood Campus Map
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Franklin Campus

Parking is provided in the warehouse parking lot, and we have one main entrance door into our building (see map below).

Fellowship Franklin Campus Map
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What do I do when I get there?

After checking in any children (see above for more information), find a blue Connect Point sign and get to know a Connections staff or volunteer! They'll answer any questions and guide you to where you need to be.

What is Wholehearted Life?

We're glad you asked! When the Bible speaks of the heart, it often refers to the whole person—our thoughts, emotions, desires, and choices. When we bring our whole heart to Jesus, He transforms all of who we are, and we find wholehearted life in Him.

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Contact someone

Please feel free to give either of our Campus Connection Directors a call or shoot them an email. They're always happy to answer your questions or point you to someone who can.

Brentwood Campus
Lauren Young

Lauren Young

Guest Connections Director
Franklin Campus
Paige Stroup

Paige Stroup

Community Life & Women's Director