Fellowship's Thursday Soccer Outreach

In 2018, Fellowship Bible Church started a Thursday soccer outreach called "All Nations Soccer Club" at the Brentwood campus soccer fields, led by Fellowship member Paul Campanis. Every Thursday 6:00-8:00pm, people gather to play pick-up soccer, bringing immigrants and others in different parts of the community together. While playing soccer, this space allows participants to be intentional in building relationships and ideally create opportunity to share the gospel and make disciples, leading others to find wholehearted life in Jesus. We invite you to participate in this weekly ministry opportunity, regardless of your skill level or age.

Fellowship's Thursday Soccer Outreach - Photo 1

Paul took time to share some of his thoughts and reflections on this unique ministry at Fellowship:

What is the purpose and goal of All Nations Soccer Club?

We are called by Jesus to be fishers of men. I love fishing and use this opportunity as what we call a “fishing hole.” Fishing for men can seem intimidating, scary and awkward. Folks really bond relationally during this type of activity, making it easy to share the gospel with the many immigrants that attend.

Since so many immigrants attend we are able to reach other nations without travel time and expense. It seems like God is making the job of reaching all nations very doable by bringing the nations to Nashville. It's amazing to recognize all of the countries that have been represented thus far.

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Why soccer?

Soccer is the most international game on the planet. That coincides with our call as disciples to reach all nations. Also, for me, I was first asked to attend church many years ago by another player on my soccer team at the age of 16. That was a life changing event for me and one that would have great repercussions into the future. Plus, soccer is fun.

What made you want to start and lead this ministry opportunity?

God has given me a heart to show love to “strangers” according to His Word in the parable of the “sheep and the goats” in Matthew 25. Verse 43 says: “ I was a stranger and you did not invite me in….” What ever we do for the “least of these” we do personally for Jesus our Lord and King. That is an awesome way for me to express the love I have for Christ.

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What have been some unexpected blessings in this ministry?

There have been so many times that the gospel has been shared to those that do not know it. Many of the participants have attended services. Many members of our church have used this time to connect with other Christians. Connecting relationally with other Christians is a challenge at a church as large as ours, so this provides a great opportunity.

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Why should Fellowship members get involved?

I would encourage Fellowship members to participate because I think they would be very inspired as they get to know these citizens of Nashville. Besides playing soccer, there are multiple opportunities to serve and engage. For example, we need people to volunteer to bring water and orange slices for the players to enjoy after the game. I could also use some help organizing the teams and other logistics. Or someone could come take pictures while we play so that we can post live updates on the Facebook group page. It would be amazing to have Fellowship members socializing on the sidelines with family members of the international players. There are so many opportunities to get involved!

How can we get involved?

Just email me at or join the Facebook group called: “All Nations Soccer Club.”