Our Story

Our Story

Our story began in early 1997 as a non-denominational church plant of Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, Arkansas. A small group of people set out on a journey to become a community of faith where growth was as deep as it was wide, and where life-change was experienced and not just talked about. By September of 1997, the “core group” began gathering on Sunday mornings in the cafeteria of Franklin High School, where for the next six months they were equipped to “be the church” and not simply “attend a church.”

On March 8, 1998 Fellowship Bible Church held its first public worship service at Franklin High School. Nearly five years later, on February 2, 2003, the “portable church” gave way to yet another new beginning, as they moved onto the expansive campus on Franklin Road in the heart of Brentwood, opening new doors of ministry to each other, to the local community and to those around the world.

In 2011 Fellowship launched a new campus in the nearby suburb of Franklin. The Brentwood campus had reached a point of saturation in terms of available seats at opportune times. Rather than building additional facilities at the Brentwood campus, the decision was made to bring the church to the people where they lived, worked, and played.

This two-campus model has allowed continued growth and location options for the church body under one umbrella, sharing resources, budget, central services and an elder board. Most importantly, it affords the opportunity to grow leaders, make disciples, and expand the Kingdom in ways that are consistent with Fellowship’s mission and values.

While the church has transitioned and changed through seasons of growth, our mission guides us: becoming a community of people who follow Jesus with our whole heart and help others do the same. This intentionality provides the purpose and foundation to inform and mark every facet of the church’s ministry.