Marilyn Hostetter-Kreider

Marilyn Hostetter-Kreider, Director of Human Resources

Marilyn Hostetter-Kreider

Director of Human Resources

Marilyn has the privilege of serving on staff at Fellowship as Director of Human Resources. Prior to Fellowship, she served as the Finance Director at a para-church organization for 9 years and before that managed a small business that she co-owned for 16 years. Marilyn holds a business degree in Management & Human Resources from Trevecca University.

Marilyn with her children

Marilyn grew up in rural Pennsylvania in the Mennonite community. While she knew God and received Jesus at an early age, the suffering and brokenness of a difficult season later in her life brought a spiritual awakening where Jesus truly captured her heart. Nothing brings her greater joy than seeing the evidence of redemptive grace, the transformative work of Christ’s love, and the beautiful tapestry God weaves through story. Marilyn is the proud mom to four amazing children, Molly Kate (22), Adam (20), Jake (19), and Elizabeth (16). She lives in Franklin and attends the Brentwood Campus.