To be a part of Fellowship Kids is to be a part of a unique neighborhood. Each week in our classrooms, volunteers are building meaningful relationships that go beyond weekend services—not only with the kids they serve, but with one another. These relationships deepen as we continue to serve side by side, week in and week out, working together—as neighbors—to shape a firm foundation of faith in Christ in our kids. Join Fellowship Kids.

At Fellowship, we see ministry to children as essential, and we take our responsibility to raise a generation of Christ-followers as a mission that requires the parents, home, church, and volunteers all partnering together to cultivate the spiritual roots in the fertile soil of our kids’ hearts.

In addition to our weekend services, we also offer:

Online Curriculum

The Carrie and Emily Show - Sundays at 8:30am

Tune in every Sunday at 8:30am for fun, engaging, videos for kids of all ages, straight from our Fellowship Kids Directors, Carrie Murphy and Emily Drake. You'll be glad you did.

Learn more about the show

Since we're in a season of in-person and online church, we still want to make our Kids curriculum available for you to do at home with your little ones!

Elementary & Preschool Curriculum

January–April Curriculum Snapshots

First Look|Toddler-Preschool
Our first look students will be learning some important truths through the parables that Jesus taught; the prodigal son, the lost sheep, and the good Samaritan. They will learn that Jesus came for everyone through the calling of the twelve disciples from various experiences and backgrounds, and then they will learn about Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the restoration that it brought!

True Wonder|Kindergarten-1st Grade  
True Wonder students will be exploring how God is victorious, how He heals and how He is gracious. Through stories such as Jehoshaphat, Naaman, and Jonah, these attributes of God will come to life! Later, they will explore the life of Jesus. They will learn that He is the Redeemer, and how that is with us as they journey through stories of the crucifixion, resurrection, and the temptation of Christ.

True Story| 2nd-6th grade
True Story students will be walking from Second Chronicles, to the beginning of the New Testament, and then to the parables that Jesus taught. True Story students will learn how God used Elijah and Elisha, how He was merciful to Jonah, and later, how Jesus came to earth to provide redemption for all mankind!  True Story students will be learning how the story of redemption is woven through out the course of scripture, all the way to today!

Yukon Ho| 6th Grade
Yukon Ho students are in their critical, formative years, and they will continue their journey through the “traps” that they may encounter in their teen years and beyond, learning how best to avoid them. Yukon Ho students will be learning what the scriptures say about guy/girl relationships, pornography, social media, substance abuse and more.

Visit the Parent Cue website each Sunday to find the curriculum for all ages!

Past Fellowship Kids Worship Videos

Check out our YouTube page to watch all of our past Kids Worship videos. We're so thankful for the volunteers who put these together!

Guest Info

We understand that visiting a new church can be a great adventure—fun, exciting and even a little bit scary. We love meeting new families and hope to make your first experience with us as comfortable and welcoming as possible.


Volunteers are available at our Guest Check-In, located just inside the north Learning Center doors, to welcome and escort visiting children to their classes. This is an opportunity for you to provide basic information about your child, receive your security tags, and ask any questions you may have about Fellowship or our children’s ministries. On subsequent visits, families may check-in at any computer kiosk in the building.


Fellowship Kids (our weekend program) seeks to provide environments and opportunities for children (birth to 6th grade) to hear, believe, and live-out the gospel. To implement that mission we have developed strong programs using age appropriate curriculum and activities:

Nursery - Toddler

We provide a safe, secure, and loving environment for babies and toddlers so that moms and dads can relax and attend worship without worry.


First Look curriculum uses engaging activities to introduce pre-school children to God. First Look gives children a first impression of their heavenly Father and the wonder of His love for each one of them.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Tru Wonder encourages young children to experience the wonder of God. This Christ-centered curriculum, that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events, allows children to learn The Big God Story and learn about how they have a special place in it as well.

2nd-5th Grade

Through engaging large group teaching and in grade level small groups, kids discover how the Bible demonstrates Christ's love for His people. They will see the Bible come alive in a way that allows personal growth and understanding.

6th Grade
Yukon, Ho!

Using the adventure of the Yukon Gold rush, students will learn to recognize the traps of adolescence and will be equipped with Biblical tools to help them in avoiding these traps.

Franklin Campus uses TRU for 6th Grade as well.

K2 (Kids of Volunteers—Brentwood only)

As a service to parents who serve on Sunday morning, we offer additional, extended classes during our 10:45am service for children of volunteers. These K2 classes are uniquely designed to offer age appropriate fun and engaging activities through recreation, fun, refreshment, and relationships.


Volunteer with Fellowship Kids

Serving in children’s ministry is for ALL of us, not just a chosen few. We believe it is reasonable to expect each Fellowship family to actively engage in and support the spiritual development of our children. Serving in children’s ministry is easier than you might think. We have a wonderful staff and many veteran volunteers ready to train, equip and help you experience success in cultivating the soil of our children’s hearts.

Volunteer Volunteer Manual


Parents must personally drop off and pick up their children (nursery through 5th grade) at their classrooms each time they are in the Learning Center. To ensure the safety of our children, a computer security tagging system is used to identify children with their parents. Each week families receive a new tag with a unique three digit code. This security tag must be presented to pick up your child. In addition, if it becomes necessary to page you, we will display this code, along with the first three letters of your child’s first name, on the screens in the Worship Center.

Volunteer Requirements

  • A Fellowship member or regular attender
  • Attend a volunteer training session
  • Serve for one calendar year (mid-August through mid-August) in Fellowship Kids



Baptism is one of the two ordinances instituted and commanded by Jesus for believers. It is an outward symbol of an inward life change and a celebration of becoming part of the body of Christ. Because we believe profession of faith and baptism are so important, we require all children who desire to be baptized at Fellowship to meet with a pastor in order to determine their understanding and readiness.

Child Dedication

Child Dedication

At Fellowship, child dedication is really parent dedication. Parents have the primary responsibility for and influence over their children’s lives and have received the directive to “train up a child in the way he should go.” Proverbs 22:6. To this end, we offer families an opportunity to publicly declare their intentions to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord and the church body an opportunity to commit to walking with parents.

To register for the next child dedication, please fill out our Child Dedication Registration Form


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