Thank you from our Global Partners!

Thank you!

This past year’s Global Christmas offering has reached $700,000! Because of your generosity, Fellowship Bible Church will be able to come alongside our global partners in 2019 as they reach out to their community through a daycare program, start a second worship service, train students in Bible school, teach people to save money and improve their lives in practical ways, support elementary school teachers, and so much more. One of our partners, Rosemary Khamati, shared the following words of thanks:

"I cannot thank Fellowship enough. It is incredible that you, one single church body can pour into so many around the world that many will enter the Kingdom because of what you do. I am amazed and at the same time thankful for how God has caused this to happen once again. We appreciate you and pray that God in His own way will reward you and that you will get to meet some of those you are giving to when we all get to heaven. I cannot wait for that day when we shall all gather before our Lord and Savior to talk it over. Thank you, Lord for Fellowship."

If something has stirred in you and you’re considering going on a global trip this year, please visit Fellowship’s global trip site to learn what options are available.

Some of you will go. Many of you gave. Everyone can pray. Thank you for actively engaging your faith in these ways!