New to Fellowship?

Welcome! Your first step is sign up for our Intro to Fellowship Class. During Intro, you will learn what makes Fellowship tick. You will hear about our beliefs, values, vision and take the next step to following Jesus with your whole heart.

Intro is the first Sunday of every month during the 9:35am service in the Barn. Childcare is provided.

Come to Intro

Gathering on Sunday is essential, but it is not enough.

At Fellowship, we believe that gathering with a small group of people weekly is the best place for you to grow as a disciple. Fellowship Groups are one of the most important gatherings to help you find wholehearted life in Jesus. If you're not in a group, get started today!

Fellowship Groups do 5 things well: Eat, Study God’s Word, Serve Others, Pray Together, and Invite Others Into Our Stories.


We have studies launching all month, including a Co-Ed Daniel Study and an Intro to Apologetics. If you are interested in a women's, mens, or co-ed Bible study, now is the best time to join. It’s a great way to start the new year!

For all of these opportunities, stop by the Connect Point in the lobby or visit the Calendar page.

Visit the Calendar