Tips for Discipleship


How the Lovšes are building gospel-focused community in their village.

Focus on Prayer

From before their move to the village, prayer has been central to their efforts. Prayer walks are a regular part of their routine as they seek God’s favor in the work they are doing.

Walk around your neighborhood or place of work, praying intentionally for the houses or people as you pass. Who does God want you to pursue? How can you share His light?

Be Intentional

When villagers gave icy stares instead of warm welcomes, Andrej decided to be very friendly with everyone he met—even overly friendly! He went out of his way to greet people, giving a big wave to everyone he met. Though greetings were often ignored, they left a positive impression.

Spend a day noticing how you greet people throughout your day. Are you genuine in your interactions? Are you responding in ways that promote conversation?

Find Points of Connection

It wasn’t until the Lovše family was given a horse that things began to change. Andrej later learned that his family had a good reputation amongst the villagers, but the horse and the fence-building became a bridge for connection to take place.

Make a list of your hobbies and interests. What could be bridges to connection?

Focus on Friendships

Andrej and Nina have invested heavily in relationships, and it shows. Their outward focus allowed villagers to see them in a variety of contexts. They didn’t wait for spiritually interested people to seek them out; instead, they put their faith on display by taking part in village life.

Open your calendar, either online or in your planner, and consider your days. How are you taking part in your “village”? Do you see HOA meetings, school events and other meetings as opportunities to put your faith on display?

Keep it Simple

Andrej is a big believer in keeping ministry uncomplicated. Programs are okay, but the simple act of making friends is crucial if we want to see the gospel take hold in our communities. We can easily overthink things. By example, Andrej encourages us to be real, be known, and be bold in representing Jesus. God will take care of the rest.

Look at your recent text messages and phone calls. What friendships are you investing in? Who is one person you could pursue for authentic friendship?