Worship & Arts

At Fellowship, we desire to find creative ways to communicate truths about God, His character and His work, and then creatively lead our church body in a passionate response to this revelation.

We are led by a team of musicians and vocalists, singing original songs, historic hymns, and many current worship songs. Leaders at our Brentwood campus rotate each weekend in what we pray is authentic, creative, Christ-centered and God-exalting worship.


The Worship and Arts staff team works with volunteers to provide leadership and the environment for our body to express and grow in worship.

Helping people find a place to serve where they are gifted is important, but equally important is a person’s heart. As a body, we are learning what it means to live a lifestyle of worship—responding with all that we are to all that God is. Corporate worship is one of many ways that we as believers respond to God, and the volunteers that serve in the worship ministry help model a proper response as we lead the body.

  • Worship Team

    Instrumentalists, vocalists and technical volunteers.

  • Production Team

    Audio, video and lighting technicians.

  • Creative Arts Team

    Visual artists, photographers and dramatic arts

  • Hospitality Team

    Food for volunteers during weekend services, concerts and special events


Worship Residency

For every expression of the Christian church, there is a creative, worshipful component that is as varied as the number of cultures that represent the Christian faith itself. None are without worship to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Fellowship Worship Residency invests in ministries and lives of the men and women who are called to help steward the expression of Christian worship around the world. If you are called to be a worship pastor, then this program could be a gateway to your future in serving Jesus.

Over the course of two semesters residents get the opportunity to serve in a thriving multi-site church, receive training and encouragement from an incredible staff of worship pastors and take advantage of the amazing musical resources Nashville has to offer. Please consider joining us.


  1. Rob Howard
    Rob Howard
  2. Carl Cartee
    Carl Cartee
  3. Brian Yakaboski
    Brian Yakaboski
  4. Nate Sousa
    Nate Sousa
  5. Joe Blair
    Joe Blair
  6. Luke Brown
    Luke Brown
  7. Lindsay Mattingly
    Lindsay Mattingly
  8. Mandi Moseley
    Mandi Moseley
  9. Tracy Kimberlin
    Tracy Kimberlin