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Updated 1/28/20

Global Partner Needs

Andrej Lovse

  • Josiah Venture
  • Maribor, Slovenia
  • Global Partner for 11 years
View Andrej's needs
If we raise $750,000
Stipends for Andrej

Like other areas where Fellowship is involved, Andrej and Nina cannot sustain their family with three children on the tithes of Maribor church. Our small amount each year helps supplement Andrej’s income to allow him to do the work he’s called to throughout Slovenia.

Young Leaders Scholarship

Funds will be used to educate our young leaders in various forms, through conferences, camps, and seminars. In the past this has proven to be an AMAZING blessing.

Fusion Retreat

We want to host a retreat with fusion leaders and fusion participants. We envision a weekend away to worship, teach God's Word, sing some songs and have amazing fellowship with these young people that are a part of our Fusion and don't get to experience Godly community.

Ministry Fund

Andrej's role in the nationwide Josiah Venture ministry has grown and changed. Andrej will be traveling all over Slovenia, connecting with pastors in different churches, offering training and assisting them in youth work, to grow the local churches and make disciples that make disciples. This funding would help cover traveling expenses, conferences, accommodation, etc.

If we raise $850,000
Ministry and Family Car for Andrej

We need a bigger, safer car that Andrej can use for his travels around Slovenia, as well as transportation to drive kids from Fusion and women for conferences and worship nights. We will fundraise the majority of the expense and asking Fellowship to help us with this small portion.


Angel Barrientos

  • Comas CMA Church
  • Comas, Peru
  • Global Partner for 18 years
View Angel's needs
If we raise $750,000
Comas Pastor Salary Stipends

Pastor salary stipends for 5 pastors. Fellowship contributes to the support of five pastors’ salaries who head up the ministry 4 of the 9 geographic areas where the church ministers, as well as worship and the Christian Missionary Alliance Seminary at the Comas church.

Support for Savings and Credit Association Ministry

Our partner in Comas’ outreach ministry in serving the poor in their community by teaching them to save and improve their lives in practical ways continues to flourish.

Women's and Men's Development Retreat

One of the evangelistic strategies that the church in Comas is developing new believers is through retreats. They are planning two separate retreats for men and two for women.

Kids' Camps

The purpose of this camp is to work with children and their relationship with their parents as well as with God. Aimed at 7 to 12 years old kids whose parents are not believers, the key theme will be forgiveness. After the camp, the leaders will work with the parents on issues related to raising children.

Father/Son Night of Champions

The purpose of this Father/Son Night event is to strengthen the ties between fathers and their sons. After the event, the church is offering a course for the dads teaching about raising boys, providing them with tools to improve their relationships. The goal is for participation of 100 families (father and son).

VBS Material

The purpose of the VBS school is to strengthen Christian values and help develop godly character in the children who attend the church as well as those in the community. The leaders will also share the gospel, sowing seeds and helping to strengthen the faith of the children. The funds requested will cover the cost of the material for 500 children participants.

Comas Mission Trip Expenses and Special Projects

Fellowship is planning five mission trips with our partner in Comas in 2020. During these trips, team members will work alongside Comas church members in special projects including conferences, home construction, outreach and  community service. These financial resources will help to fund these activities.


Darko Mikulic

  • Slavonski Brod Baptist Church
  • Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • Global Partner for 12 years
View Darko's needs
If we raise $750,000
Stipend for Darko

Like other areas where Fellowship is involved, Pastor Darko Mikulic cannot sustain his family with four children on the tithes of Slavonski Brod Baptist Church. Our small amount each year helps supplement Darko’s income to allow him to do the work he’s called to in Slavonski Brod.

Beds and Wardrobes

Slavonski Brod church has started to equip the upper floors of the building to be used as sleeping rooms for kids camps and mission teams. They are in need of bunks beds and wardrobes for this space.

Mission Conference

The church would use these funds to send believers to a mission conference for the purpose of equipping and educating them.

Local Youth Camps in Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod church will host two youth camps (Christmas and Easter break) for kids in the area.

If we raise $850,000
Summer Camp for Croatian teens

The church would like funds to sponsor teenagers attending a summer Christian camp on the coast of Croatia.

Area Conference in Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod will host an area conference for the purpose of edifying believers from ten small neighboring churches.

There is Hope Festival

The vision for this festival is to give every person in Slavonski Brod an opportunity to hear the Gospel. We have the freedom to share the Good News in the public square and create awareness of the living hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

If we raise $1,000,000
Social Projects

The church will use these funds to provide food packages for socially neglected families.


Dinislam Salpagarov

  • New Life Church
  • Karachaevsk, Russia
  • Global Partner for 16 years
View Dinislam's needs
If we raise $750,000
Stipend for Dinislam

Pastor Dinislam Salpagarov is bi-vocational, and has a small business to supplement his income and care for his family. However, we want to help him in small ways so he can devote more of his time to shepherding the church, building into leaders and proclaiming Christ in an area 99% Muslim.

If we raise $850,000
Two Summer Camps

We want to host two summer camps. The first will be in our territory, Karachay, teaching unbelieving teenagers mountain climbing skills to help build relationships with them. The second camp will be larger, serving people from different cities in our Republic. We will have sports activities and fellowship and will use the funds for food and equipment.


Dr. Imad Shehadeh

  • JETS
  • Amman, Jordan
  • Global Partner for 5 years
View Dr. Shehadeh's needs
If we raise $750,000
JETS Student Scholarships

Non-Jordanians have left behind their homes and jobs to attend seminary. In exchange for 8 hours of work on campus each week, a scholarship of $1,200 is provided to each student. Without these scholarships, most students wouldn’t be able to attend seminary. This will provide scholarship for 16 students.

If we raise $850,000
Scholarships to Non-Jordanian Students

Non-Jordanians have left behind their homes and jobs to attend seminary. In exchange for 8 hours of work on campus each week, a scholarship of $1,200 is provided to each student. Without these scholarships, most students wouldn’t be able to attend seminary. This will provide scholarship for 8 students.

If we raise $1,000,000
JETS Campus Security

To provide safety for faculty, students and staff while on campus, we need security cameras for the seminary campus and the surrounding area.


Dr. Peter Mitskevich

  • MTS
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Global Partner for 9 years
View Dr. Mitskevich's needs
If we raise $750,000
Funds for NCBI Partnership

This will fund the critical efforts and ministry of North Caucasus Bible Institute (NCBI) in the Muslim-influenced and multi-ethnic regions of south Russia. The largest of eight regional training centers, NCBI now equips over 130 pastors, church planters, Bible teachers, counselors, and Christian ministry leaders, and desires to continue to not only maintain but expanding its efforts in the year ahead.

Funds for MTS Partnership

This will fund the strategic ministry and essential work of Moscow Theological Seminary (MTS), as the pivotal resource for the development of leaders for the church across all of Russia. This includes the 8 full-time faculty who travel to NCBI and other remote locations, the staff, administrative, library, curriculum development, and other critical support. Without MTS’s work, the rest of the effort to build up and prepare leaders across Russia is at risk. Over 400 students attend classes, nearly 200 more receive training online from a distance, are equipped through regional centers.

MTS Legal Needs

MTS needs additional help with legal defense costs, as well as faculty preparation of resources and training to help churches and leaders navigate and protect themselves against what appears to be a concerted effort to stifle the work and ministry of evangelical churches across Russia.

If we raise $850,000
Eastern Russia Locations

We are continually in need of help for our ministry and training efforts in the cities of Chita and Khabarovsk (Far East Siberia) for 2020, helping the Russian church advance its ministry and prepare more pastors and ministry leaders in these very remote cities across the far east Russia.

Russian Missionaries

Through MTS, we continue to desire to help Russian believers to establish new churches and take the Gospel to new parts of this huge and poorly-reached nation. We are seeking additional support in 2020 for launching and developing an additional group of 20-30 future missionaries – sparked by a mission conference in a key regional city, and then recruiting a cohort of students who are called to be trained and sent as missionaries and church planters in strategic locations.


James Baak

  • Juba, South Sudan
  • Global Partner for 18 years
View James's needs
If we raise $750,000
SMARD Pastor Stipends

Solidarity Ministries Africa for Reconciliation and Development (SMARD) has essential staff who are restoring hope to local Churches and communities in South Sudan by implementing SMARD Church and community driven projects on the ground. These essential staff need stipend to enable them to support their families and do the work of ministry.

Funds for Teacher Salaries

Hope Secondary School in Lietnhom was established by SMARD in 2017 with funding from Fellowship Bible Church. This is the first ever high school in rural Lietnhom community and foundational to building up the next generation of leaders. The school enrollment projection estimates in 2020 will be 400 students. Without these funds to pay teachers, we will not be able to educate the next generation.

Hope Secondary School Student Scholarships

Hope Secondary School is the first ever high school in rural Lietnhom community and foundational to building up the next generation of leaders. The School enrollment projection estimates in 2020 will be 400 students. School fees are charged so that the school becomes self-sustainable but some students come from poor families, other children are orphans. These children need scholarships to continue their education. It cost $110 to sponsor a student per a school year.

Hope Secondary School Teacher Training

Teachers of Hope Secondary and Linda Schools need on the job training so that they can deliver quality education to students. Trainers from Juba will come to Lietnhom to train the teachers. This amount will cover two phases in paying for trainers consultant fees, transport and accommodation. Hope Secondary and Linda primary Schools, Bible Literacy Teachers plus teachers of other primary Schools from the nearby villages will be beneficiaries of the training. 70 Teachers will be trained on the job.

Funds for Bible Literacy Initiative (BLI)

Due to the war in South Sudan, up to 84% of the population in Warrap State above age 15 years can neither read nor write. The women are mostly hit by this situation because of the additional cultural beliefs and practices that prevents young girls access to education. The fact that adults cannot read their Bibles impede their spiritual growth and therefore the Church remains infant. SMARD started the Bible Literacy Program in 5 centers to provide an opportunity for illiterate Church Members who desire to read their Bibles in their local language.  Other members of the community who may not be Christians but would like to learn how to read and write their language are welcome to also have the opportunity and some have become Christians during their classes. It costs $1,350 to sponsor a class of 50 students for 6 months and a Bible cost $20 each student totaling to $2,350. This cover cost of Bibles, stipend for Literacy Teachers and materials. 250 Christians are direct beneficiaries of this Project.

If we raise $850,000
SMARD Women Empowerment Project

Women are among the poorest in the rural context of South Sudan as community resources such as cows, goats etc are owned by men. To uplift themselves out of object poverty, women desire to do small business to earn income for themselves and their families but they lack skills and capital seed to start off. SMARD will identify these women, put them in groups and train on business skills, given capital to their business. 100 Women will be direct beneficiaries of this project.

Additional funds for James's Master's Degree

This amount will cover tuition cost for Rev. James Baak at St. Paul University in Kenya. James hope to achieve the following: 1) Improve his skills on organizational management, leadership, planning, fundraising etc for effective leadership of the Ministry; 2) Have a deeper and specialized understanding on the theology of development and how to communicate the Gospel Message through project design, communicate and resource mobilization and project implementation of community development projects that are sustainable and bring lasting positive impact in local rural communities; 3) Enhance capacity to facilitate trainings effectively and lecturing in Christian Colleges and Universities on development topics from evangelical Christian perspective.

If we raise $1,000,000
Funds for Youth Leadership & Peacebuilding Training

There is need to focus on youth leadership for peace building, to mobilize them to reject violence and reject recruitment to militia or the army. Youth are always on the forefront of violent conflict and the majority of the populations is youth. SMARD plans to introduce youth to key concepts of forgiveness, types and qualities of leadership, non-violence, inclusivity, mediations and conflict resolutions skills that will help reduce conflicts in local communities and build youth as good leaders in their families, church and communities.

Church Leadership & Peace Building and Reconciliation Training

Leadership Seminars are 3 to 5 days of training and are intended to provide leadership and peace building skills for Church and community Leaders. The leaders become agent of reconciliation in their communities. It cost $ 8,000 to cover the cost of a training for 60 Church Leaders.


Johnathan Macris

  • Hellenic Ministries
  • Athens, Greece
  • Global Partner for 2 years
View Johnathan's needs
If we raise $750,000
Greek Intern Stipends

Stipend to support a Greek intern who will pastor the youth and coordinate activities and stipend for workers who will be managing the basketball activities as a means of bringing the unchurched youth into the City Church space.

Payments for Bible Distribution

These funds will purchase distributed modern Greek New Testaments to villages, towns, and cities throughout rural Greece during Operation Joshua.

If we raise $850,000
Bible Payments toward modern Greek New Testaments

These funds will purchase distributed modern Greek New Testaments to villages, towns, and cities throughout rural Greece during Operation Joshua.


Luis Lopez del Aguila

  • Rimac CMA Church
  • Rimac, Peru
  • Global Partner for 2 years
View Luis's needs
If we raise $750,000
Reconstruction of Sanctuary Roof

The current roof has old and poorly constructed structures. New structure and roof covering of the sanctuary with a greater height on the roof is needed. Construction of a suspended ceiling made of thermal material to neutralize heat and a new electrical system is also needed.

Playground Construction

The current ministry of education asks that children should be protected from ultraviolet rays and this forces us to adapt these current playground used by children ages 2 to 5 years old. We will need to put a roof over the children's playground and add additional games to the playground.

If we raise $1,000,000
Cleanliness and Ecology Program

Due to its socio-economic and cultural status, Rímac represents a serious challenge in the formation of awareness of cleanliness and ecology. We hope that the Barton School and the church are a source for the formation of an integral culture, so that the impact of redemption by Christ is manifested in every area of personal, family and social life.


Peter Garang

  • Lietnhom, South Sudan
  • Global Partner for 18 years
View Peter's needs
If we raise $750,000
ALARM Pastor Salary Stipends

African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM) has staff teams in a number of key locations throughout South Sudan in addition to where we are involved in Lietnhom and Yei. ALARM relies heavily on their church partners to support administrative costs, while they are also working on income-generating and self-sustaining solutions.

Pastoral Leadership Training Institute (PLTI)

The PLTI of Lietnhom is serving pastors at churches in the region who have minimum biblical and theological education. This training can help them teach the word of God in a correct biblical and theological truth. Strengthen the capacity of Church leaders is important so that they can address the needs of survivors to gain resilience with multiple generation and livelihoods for peaceful co-existence.

Sunday School Teacher Training

Children are the future generation of the church so we need to teach them the ways of the Lord. At present we lack trained Sunday school teachers in most of our churches and children ministry is not taken seriously because of lack of vision. We want to develop 30 teachers to gain knowledge and skills in teaching the Sunday school classes. Teaching materials will be provided to enable them to teach the children professionally.

Adult Literacy

The rate of illiteracy in South Sudan is about 80% of the population, due to a number of factors. The South Sudanese were resistant to learn Arabic education which was considered as a symbol of Islamization, parents prefer their boys to look after their herds of animals, while girls are left for marriage purposes, as such most people are still illiterate. ALARM in Lietnhom has started this program of literacy three years back. Today we have the third level and the total number of the students is 47. In this proposal we are targeting 60 participants. This will enable them to read English and Dinka languages, help their women in calculations in their businesses & help them to read their Bibles.

Basic Agricultural Training

The soil of South Sudan is very fertile, and we have numerous sources of water including rainfall, rivers and boreholes that can help them in irrigating their farms throughout the year. However three quarters of the population are living in starvation and poverty due to laziness that was caused by dependence on relief for long period of war and the insecurity that discourages people from going to their farms. Now through the training that we are carrying out in Lietnhom you are able to find greens from personal self-sufficiency and the market. We want to continue training in these areas so that people are able to produce more products. This training is targeting 180 to enable them to obtain knowledge and skills in organic farming and to provide them with seeds, agricultural tools, and good storage methods to earn a living for their families and to transform their lives and the communities surrounding them.


Rosemary Khamati

  • PEACE, Int'l
  • Adjumani, Uganda
  • Global Partner for 19 years
View Rosemary's needs
If we raise $750,000
Stipends for Rosemary

The work PEACE, Int'l is doing with S Sudanese refugees in the Adjumani refugee camp is incredible. It takes a ton of coordination and effort, and it is our joy to assist with supporting the administrative function of this ministry.

Church Leader Training in Trauma Healing

PEACE brings leaders out of the settlements for one week. This ensures focus, concentration and time management. It gives a sense of growth in terms of relating with each other as they respond to issues. 40 leaders have been trained and 20 in training to graduate at the end of 2020. Government officials have shared that some of the calm that exists in the settlements where the leaders we have trained and are training is because of the impact of the training content that we offer. This is how impactful the funds you give are affecting many communities in the settlements.

Ongoing Education Projects

This is one of the most important projects by PEACE. We believe that every child has a right to education. Through education, they will learn how to read and write they will be able to read the bible and tell others. PEACE school is a great example and the children from our school are different from those in other schools in the settlements and around the settlements. Their level of knowledge is much higher and their character is different. Many organizations are closing down their schools because UNHCR has run out of funds and can no longer fund them but PEACE will not be affected because we did not depend on the United Nation for funding.

School Expansion

Class rooms construction: PEACE is deliberate in ensuring that the South Sudanese children living in the refugee settlement of Olua 1 have access to a quality education that they so deserve. In this regard, we have purposed to build a block of two class rooms every year to allow a new class to come in every academic year.

Program and Office Support

Office rent for the Adjumani office is payable once annually. The office space is used for office staff and accommodation of staff who do not live in Adjumani. It is also used for storing supplies for the school that do not have to be in school until needed.

If we raise $850,000
VSLA Women Empowerment Project

Empowering women is one of the most powerful thing that any community can do. 30 women involved in VSLA received a loan and they already know how they will use the money and after 12 months from the date they received the money they will have made money for themselves. The original funds will be paid back to help anther group. They testified that since the project was started the families eat better food, they are able to dress their children better and are able to support with paying fees for their children. The standards of living are better. There has been a recommendation that the women need at least 6 months of consistent training. While in training there are materials needed, feeding, the trainer who is paid, and those who are involved in tailoring training need fabric, threads, oil for servicing machines etc.


Steffen Weil

  • mittendrin
  • Potsdam, Germany
  • Global Partner for 10 years
View Steffen's needs
If we raise $750,000
mittendrin Pastor Stipends

Monthly support to Weil family, support staff and part-time worship coordinator

Office Space Rent in Potsdam

Monthly financial support to assist rent of office space & counseling centre

Rent for Second Worship Space

One time gift to support a second worship service in Babelsberg.

Family Ministry Events

One time gift to support different family ministry events such as indoor playground, kids camps, etc.

Outreach Event in Potsdam

One time gift to help cover some expenses of a city-wide outreach event.

City to City Admin Support

One time gift to help cover the salary of administrative staff for the City-to-City work.

If we raise $850,000
Church Planting Trainees

One time gift to help cover the expenses to train new church planters for East Germany


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