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What is Global Christmas?

What is Global Christmas?

Every December, it is our privilege at Fellowship Bible Church to take a few weeks and place special emphasis on what God is doing around the world, both locally and globally. We call this season Global Christmas. It is a reminder for us to look beyond ourselves and embrace the work our Global and Local partners are doing as they embrace hurting people who need the good news of Jesus Christ.

There are many needs that we could come alongside but our commitment to building relationships causes us to be intentional with a few. We have strategically selected local and global partnerships to help invest in and further their mission. Our partnerships are intentionally selected so our members have the opportunity to serve regularly and build relationships that shape us. Without intentionally building relationships with others on our street, community, and around the world we will remain limited in our understanding, experience, and views of who God is and the needs of the world. This commitment is rooted in our values of Better Together and Not About Ourselves.

Your giving makes a difference! These partners are doing incredible things, and we get the chance to come alongside and join them in kingdom work. Because of the generosity of your prayers, finances and sending global teams, we have helped to train leaders, educate and feed children, grow churches and so much more. Over the past 20 years, together, through our local and global partnerships, we have walked out our value of Not About Ourselves and have contributed close to 11 million dollars and extended the reach of the gospel!

This year, our goal is to contribute 1 million dollars to these partnerships!

We invite you to take part in what God is doing around the globe and live out these same values by sharing our resources with a hurting world in need, all to benefit the kingdom of God through our local and global partnerships.

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Updated 1/15/21

Less Under Our Tree More for the World

Andrej Lovse

  • Josiah Venture
  • Maribor, Slovenia
  • Global Partner for 11 years
View Andrej's needs
Pastor stipend for Andrej

Monthly income for the personal and ministry expenses of the Lovse family

Leadership training
Translation of ministry materials

Disciple making materials translated into Slovene

Ministry with horses

We want to provide more therapeutic opportunities and therefor an outreach ministry for people in our community. Our daughter is already providing a safe and fun place for girls in the village, enabling them to learn how to take care of the horse, how to ride, and other farm life experiences.

Improve outdoor space

Our house has become a new functioning meeting place. It truly is a sanctuary for us and for many. As we were not able to meet in a public place, most services happened in our home. Funds will allow us to improve areas used for ministry purposes.


Angel Barrientos

  • Comas CMA Church
  • Comas, Peru
  • Global Partner for 18 years
View Angel's needs
Salary stipends for Comas Church pastors

These funds will help support four pastors serving the Comas church

Savings & Credit Association Ministry

Our partner in Comas’ outreach ministry in serving the poor in their community by teaching them to save and improve their lives in practical ways continues to flourish

Women's virtual conference
Family virtual conference
Pastor seminary training
Soup kitchen

A 10-month community ministry that will provide physical food and outreach to the community

Communications Director

This individual will provide support for internet copy editor, writer and communications

VBS/Learning Center Material
Christmas for children

Providing Christmas gifts/support to children in hard places

School backpacks and supplies

Providing school backpacks and school supplies for children in hard places


Darko Mikulic

  • Slavonski Brod Baptist Church
  • Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • Global Partner for 12 years
View Darko's needs
Pastoral stipend for Darko
House of Hope

We want to purchase the land and house located next to the church as it will give us opportunity to expand the influence and ministry of love and the Gospel in our town. The house, House of Hope, would be used as a center for daycare, as well as a support center for single parents’ groups to meet. The vision is that people would know that Jesus cares, loves and redeems broken lives.

Renovations for House of Hope

We will need to make renovations to the House of Hope walls, windows and roof

Youth Camps

We hope to hold youth camps in our area in the spring, summer and winter

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid would go to poor families in our neighborhood and church, especially to those who have lost jobs in this crisis

Area Conference

We hope to hold an area conference next year for a dozen small churches in the east part of Croatia. There are so few evangelical believers who are scattered in small church groups that they all need encouragement, strengthening, and a sense of belonging to the wider Christian community. Our desire is to strengthen, equip, and encourage believers in our region for ministry and mission.

Ministry Seminar

We will hold a ministry seminar to equip local pastors


Dinislam Salpagarov

  • New Life Church
  • Karachaevsk, Russia
  • Global Partner for 17 years
View Dinislam's needs
Salary stipend for Dinislam

Pastor Dinislam Salpagarov is bi-vocational, and has a remodeling business to supplement his income and care for his family. However, we want to help him in small ways so he can devote more of his time to shepherding the church, building into leaders and proclaiming Christ in an area 99% Muslim.


Dr. Imad Shehadeh

  • JETS
  • Amman, Jordan
  • Global Partner for 5 years
View Dr. Shehadeh's needs
Online equipment

We need to develop better online tools due to the surge in applications for online studies, especially from those outside of Jordan

Sanitization tools

We need to improve safety measures for combating the coronavirus, including but not limited to, face masks, thermometers, hand sanitizers, gloves, sanitary pumps, gates and COVID-19 tests.

Student scholarships

Most of our students come from poor backgrounds and are unable to pay tuition fees and living costs. JETS provides them with a scholarship and in return they provide necessary services for the seminary. Without these scholarships, most would not be able to undertake their studies

Publishing books and videos

There is an added effort to impact our part of the world with the truth through producing professional short videos that accompany the content of the published books.

Campus development

We want to install electricity on campus. This will help us cut the cost of using generators and help us generate income by renting out some facilities.

JETS prayer tower

The top floor will be a prayer room overlooking all of Amman and can accommodate 40 people to meet and pray together.

JETS operational costs

JETS has running and overhead expenses that is needed to function such as teacher remuneration, staff salaries, stationary, electricity, water, gas, etc.


Dr. Peter Mitskevich

  • TSM
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Global Partner for 10 years
View Dr. Mitskevich's needs
Theological Seminary of Moscow (TSM)

TSM continues to equip nearly 500 students in Moscow and 500 other church leaders across 11 time zones, training students to preach, teach, disciple, and evangelize others with a full understanding of God’s Word. For two decades, regional training centers across rely on the resources and reputation of MTSTSM benefitting from its experienced faculty, learning resources, administrative support, and formal accreditation.

North Caucasus Bible Institute – Leadership Development and Ministry Equipping

NCBI is a vital center for biblical education, pastoral training, church collaboration, and Christian ministry equipping. NCBI has provided support and training to over 125 pastors, church planters, Bible teachers, counselors, and Christian ministry leaders in the past year in a region of Russia that is home to multiple Muslim people groups, ethnic Russians, Buddhists, and locals with various pagan beliefs.

Khabarovsk Regional Training Center

Khabarovsk is 19 miles from the border with China. This city of nearly 600,000 is a major commercial center for the remote east of Russia, equipping church and ministry leaders from churches with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian backgrounds.  Students travel vast distances to these locations to study, fellowship, and be renewed in their ministry in cities across east Siberia.

Legal Defense Fund/Legal Registrations and Compliance

TSM and NCBI (and potentially other regional training centers) are expected to face additional legal expenses in the coming year. These will likely include legal defense costs for court proceedings, licensure appeals, and formation and registration of alternative legal entities. Support for this fund will allow resources for key needs, defensive support, and proactive efforts to ensure continued operation of their ministry.

Distance Learning Initiative Launch Investment

TSM has offered recorded and digitally accessible lectures in the past, but several factors have made the development of a real-time, robust, live and interactive training platform more urgent than ever. Funds would go toward the hiring and training of a program leader, developing a unique course and materials, purchasing classroom technology, and enhancing internet access in key training centers for remote groups. This would be a “seed” gift, to get this effort started without compromising support for the current work of TSM.


James Baak

  • Juba, South Sudan
  • Global Partner for 18 years
View James's needs
Empower Women Project

This project is designed to empower women economically by training them on business skills, giving seed capital to start their business or some may choose do vegetable farming for business. Women will be encouraged to establish strong culture of saving money.

Hope Secondary School Scholarship and Teacher Stipend

Hope Secondary School in Lietnhom was established by SMARD in 2017 with funding from Fellowship Bible Church, USA. This is the first ever High School in rural Lietnhom community and foundational to building up the next generation of leaders. The children who come from poor families need financial support to continue their education.

Bible Literacy Initiative (BLI)

SMARD started Bible Literacy Program in 5 centers to provide an opportunity for illiterate Church Members who desire to read their Bibles in their local language.  Many participants have graduated with ability to read their own Bibles in their vernacular and some have become leaders in their own local Churches preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have amazing testimonies. The indicated amount will cover cost for Teachers stipend, materials for learning and fuel for Motorcycle of the Bible Literacy Supervisor.

Essential SMARD staff stipend

Solidarity Ministries Africa for Reconciliation & Development (SMARD) is a Faith Based Ministry. SMARD has essential staff who are doing amazing job on the frontline in restoring hope to local Churches and communities in South Sudan by implementing SMARD Church and community driven projects on the ground. These essential staff need stipend to enable them to support their families and do the work of ministry.

SMARD Office Expenses

To help support the projects in rural communities, SMARD office needs to be operational daily. This amount will cover the daily running cost of SMARD Office which includes internet subscription, office papers, maintenance, fuel and services for cars etc.

Teachers Training for Hope Secondary and Linda Schools

Teachers of Hope Secondary and Linda Schools are not trained teachers and need training on the job so that they can deliver quality education to students. SMARD has identified 2 Trainers from Juba and they will come to Lietnhom four times to train the teachers. This amount will cover two phases in paying for trainers’ consultant fees, transport and accommodation.

Youth Leadership and Peacebuilding Training

This project will support training of Youth Leaders. SMARD plans to introduce Youth to key concepts of forgiveness, types and qualities of leadership, non-violence, inclusivity, mediations and conflict resolutions skills that will help reduce conflicts in local communities and build Youth as good leaders in their families, church and communities.

Scholarship for James Baak for master’s degree

After graduating with bachelor’s degree in Community Development and Conflict Transformation 2011 from Daystar University with scholarship from Fellowship Bible Church, James has been serving Churches and Communities in South Sudan. James desire to equip himself through pursuing a Master’s Degree called Masters of Development Studies (MDS) Program at St.Paul  University based in Kenya. This amount will cover the cost of research Project, enumerators who will collect materials, supervision and travels, graduation.


Johnathan Macris

  • Hellenic Ministries
  • Athens, Greece
  • Global Partner for 2 years
View Johnathan's needs
Operation Joshua Bible Order

These funds will help us purchase hard bound New Testament Bibles in Greek for the Greek people

Scholarships for Bible School

Three Bible School Scholarships and Church Planting internships which is at the heart of what we do—engaging, training and empowering young people for long-term work

Church Plant Initiatives

These funds will help with general Church Planting Initiatives

Renovate Cabin Roofs

These funds will help us replace 10 camp cabin roofs. These are the cabins that facilitate several 100 refugees in specially designed programs.

Communication staff

We are hiring a team of 4 young, cutting edge and highly gifted people for this huge undertaking. This project doubles up as an internship – with the hopes of gaining long term Greek national workers.

Refugee aid

These funds will help us purchase food bags and hygiene kits for refugee families in church plants. This allows us to meet some basic needs of refugees while planting a migrant church.

Office Renovation

Water damages to our office have necessitated urgent response due to health concerns

Additional Office Space for Darko

We have the option to buy the space next door which will double our office capacity

Food Bank

These funds will help provide resources to our food bank which supports the disadvantaged in our community

Sustainable Project

This sustainable project provides job employment to refugee women. They can sell their crafts generating an income source.


Luis Lopez del Aguila

  • Rimac CMA Church
  • Rimac, Peru
  • Global Partner for 2 years
View Luis's needs
Secondary "Patio Auditorium"

The ministerial and educational work that the Church and the school carry out require adequate spaces to house homogeneous groups of people, be they siblings, parents, students, and staff. That is why it is necessary to look objectively at what is currently used as the high school patio area and turn it into a “Patio Auditorium.” This project will require construction work such as raising walls, roofing, and interior decoration.

Primary "Patio Auditorium"

This project is similar to the previous one in terms of objectives and infrastructure

Remodel of school classrooms

We are in the final stretch of the Project started in the remodeling of the school classrooms. This will make the school acquire a better attention to all the students as well as to the Church. Being a favorable point for the school to acquire greater attention from society and we have the possibility of housing many more people to whom an appropriate Christian education can be provided by participating in the message of Salvation.


Peter Garang

  • Lietnhom, South Sudan
  • Global Partner for 18 years
View Peter's needs
Pastor and Staff Stipends for Peter's team
Pastor Leadership Training Initiatives (PLTI)

PLTI of Lietnhom is serving pastors at churches in the region who have minimum biblical and theological education. This training can help them teach the word of God in a correct biblical and theological truth in two sessions.

Girls Education Empowerment

This program will help us to reach 300 girls in village schools around Lietnhom to enable them to know the importance of girl’s education and the negative impact of early and forced marriages in the lives of girls. Will take place as part of the PLTI in April.

Women Empowerment Projects

This training is basic discipleship and leadership training for women in the church and the home. These women are the backbone of their churches but often have no idea what to do or how to do it. This year ALARM is focusing entirely on women’s spiritual and leadership growth and development.

Children’s Conference

There is no Sunday School in the churches. The goal is to continually train the children from Linda School in the Word of God and godly behavior, not only for their own spiritual growth, but also that some will become the future Sunday School teachers.

Adult Literacy Program

The rate of illiteracy in South Sudan is about 80% of the population, due to a number of factors. ALARM in Lietnhom has started this program of literacy that will enable them to read English and Dinka languages, help their women in calculations in their businesses & help them to read their Bibles.

Linda Primary School

Linda Primary School was built 20 years ago with only 8 classrooms. The building material was homemade clay bricks that do not endure the test of time. Years of strong wind and rain has all but destroyed much of the school. These funds will be used to build a new block of 4 classrooms.


Rosemary Khamati

  • PEACE, Int'l
  • Adjumani, Uganda
  • Global Partner for 19 years
View Rosemary's needs
Salary Stipend for Rosemary

Monthly income for personal and ministry expenses of Rosemary

Teachers and supporting staff salaries

These funds help support the teachers of grades pre-K through 3rd, representing 600 students. In addition, funds would support assistant teachers, school administrator and the school chaplain.

School supplies for Rosemary

These funds will provide school supplies for 600 students for the entire school year

Trauma Healing and Peace building

There is much need to continue training in Trauma Healing and Peace Building, focusing on biblical conflict resolution. They will also learn leadership skills, taking their churches deeper in the Word and becoming better organized with structure in the congregations for better services and effectiveness.

Empowering Women Projects

We are scheduling 3 trainings this year with 150 women at each training. These will provide us opportunity to disciple the women, teach them business skills and develop and support the current Village Savings and Loans groups.

Salary stipend for Admin

This position oversees, manages, and supervises all our projects in Adjumani, including school projects and training projects. The position is the face and official representative of PEACE in Adjumani.

Adjumani office space Rent

Renting an office space allows more stability for Rosemary to conduct operations in Adjumani. This permits her to be more efficient and effective for ministry work.

Local Teacher Housing

The teachers do not live in the area of Olua 1 where PEACE school is located. This housing will provide much needed accommodations and enables them to better monitor the behavior of the kids since they are helping train the children socially and how to live together in peace.

Electricity to classrooms

We need the teachers and children using computers in the near future. Electricity is necessary to charge computers and smart phones and access the internet to get more resources for teaching and training without going to other places.


Steffen Weil

  • mittendrin
  • Potsdam, Germany
  • Global Partner for 10 years
View Steffen's needs
Salary stipends for Steffen

Financial support for Weil family

Salary stipends for mittendrin support Staff

Financial support for staff for the family ministry

Salary stipends for part-time Worship Coordinator

Financial support for part-time salary of a worship coordinator

Office Space Rent

Financial support to assist rent of office space & counseling center

Teens Ministry

Financial support a growing teens ministry

Family ministry event

Financial support different family ministry events that are outreach to the community (indoor playgrounds, kids camps, etc.)

City-wide event

Financial support that will help cover some expenses of a city-wide outreach event

Administrative support

Financial support to help cover the salary of administration staff for the City-to-City work

Training Church Planters

Financial support to help cover the expenses to train new church planters for East Germany

Refugees in Greece

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