Fellowship Women is committed to spiritual growth as women, wives, mothers, and friends through the study and application of God’s Word, through His Spirit, and living in authentic relationships with one another. At the core of our church is a commitment to continually grow in the way that we follow Jesus in every area of our lives. (Women are welcome to attend classes and events at the Brentwood campus and the Nashville campus as well.)

Check out this short video where Kelly Tillman shares how her experience with Fellowship Women has helped her grow as a disciple of Christ:

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    1. 3/25Monday AM: 1 Peter


    1. Classes, WomenEvery Monday, from 01/07/2019 to 04/15/2019, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM$5/child/week, max $10/family/week
      Monday AM: 1 Peter
      Monday, March 25 2019 - Monday, April 15 2019
      Monday AM: 1 Peter

      This study offers hope to Christians during times of suffering, and guides us with practical instructions for an active faith as we...


  1. Paige Stroup
    Community Life & Women's Director