Fellowship Men is committed to growing men spiritually as godly husbands, fathers and friends through the study and application of God’s Word while encouraging authentic, biblical relationships with one another. At the core of our church is a commitment to continually grow in the way that we follow Jesus in every area of our lives.

Men's Discipleship

Every fall, we launch several new men’s groups. These groups begin a year-long process in a transformational community led by a leader and co-leader. Through the year we work through the 23 session curriculum, Becoming a Whole-Hearted Disciple. The groups are propelled by grace, centered in the gospel, and in the context of high trust relationships learning what it looks like to follow Jesus wholeheartedly in every area of our lives.

We are actively praying for and pursuing a culture of men that walk together and invest in one another multiplying through discipleship. We believe that we experience transformation as we engage God’s Word, with God’s people, and are empowered by God’s Spirit at work within us.

Real Life Change

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