Family Discipleship

Here at Fellowship Bible Church, we believe that parents are the primary spiritual influencers in their child’s life—that two combined influences working together are greater than two individual influences working separately. We are convinced that God calls the home and the church to work together to influence the next generations for Christ. Since each family is unique, we desire for the family of faith to come alongside our families. Therefore, we are committed as a church to work in partnership with you, the parents, to help develop a lasting faith in your family.

Because this is so important, we’re developing a common strategy toward discipleship in partnership with families. Our Faith Trail and Resource Center is a key part of this. It is our desire to see Fellowship Franklin as a family of faith that helps everyone know Christ and mature in Him along this strategy.

Family Discipleship Strategy

The Faith Trail
The Faith Trail in the Franklin Campus Resource Center in the Lobby

Our Faith Trail is our primary strategy for Family Discipleship at Fellowship Franklin. Each marker on the Faith Trail focuses on a particular event that has potential for strategic faith formation and has a parent equipping class and a collaborative event in which the home and church work together in partnership.

Resource Center

The Franklin Campus Resource Center
The Franklin Campus Resource Center in the Main Lobby

Our Resource Center compliments the Faith Trail by equipping parents with suggested tools to develop Key Rhythms, Key Resources, and Key Relationships as they build faith at home. Our Lending Library has many of the suggested resources available for checkout, so families can try them out in the context of the home.

Family Worship

We encourage families to worship together during our Sunday services. Especially our middle school and high school students. We hope to involve our students in the life of the church where they can serve and live on mission with their parents and other adults. It is our desire for our students to own their faith and their use their unique giftedness is ministering to the Fellowship family.

Parenting Resources

We understand it can be overwhelming to be responsible for your kid’s faith development. That’s why we desire to partner with you, our parents, on this journey. We are here to help in that process and create a natural rhythm for you and your family. You can do this! We are committed to come alongside and equip you for the task ahead. Below are a few resources to help you begin the journey, no matter what stage of life your family is in.

Kids Resources

  • Jesus Storybook Bible
  • The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook
  • Exploring Grace Together (Family Devotional)

Student Resources

  • ESV Student Study Bible
  • NIV Student Study Bible

Parents of Kids

  • ApParent Privilege (Steven Wright)
  • Grace Based Parenting (Tim Kimmel)
  • Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Tedd Tripp)
  • Show Them Jesus (Jack Klumpenhower)
  • Spiritual Parenting (Michelle Anthony)

Family Devotionals

  • Exploring Grace Together (Jessica Thompson)
  • Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional (Clay Clarkson)
  • One Year Book of Family Devotions (Josh McDowell)

Parents of Teenagers

  • Relentless Parenting (Brain & Angela Haynes)
  • How You Always Meant to Parent (Brain Housman)
  • Sticky Faith (Kara Powell & Chap Clark)

Single Parents

  • Single Parenting that Works (Kevin Leman)
  • Parenting from the Inside Out (Daniel Siegel & Mary Hartzell)


  • A Lifelong Love (Gary Thomas)
  • The Meaning of Marriage (Tim Keller)

Technology and Social Media

  • Tech-Savvy Parenting (Brian Housman)
  • The Tech-Wise Family (Andy Crouch)


  • Extreme Grandparenting (Tim & Darcy Kimmel)
  • Biblical Grandparenting (Josh Mulvihill)


  1. JJ Jones
    Pastor of Fellowship Groups - Families & Adults
  2. Emily Drake
    Director of Fellowship Kids - Franklin Campus