1. Global Trip to Greece (Operation Joshua)

    Though the Greek people are religious by nature, very few understand what it means to be born again, and few households have a Bible in the Modern Greek language. Our team will join Operation Joshua, a Bible distribution campaign organized annually by Hellenic Ministries. We will join over 350 volunteers from around the world as we pass out Bibles to every home in hundreds of villages, towns and cities in Northern Greece. For certain families, this could be a wonderful whole-family experience.

    Trip Info
    • Leader: Dan Vorm
    • Qualifications: Family/Adult Trip (serving with others to pass out Bibles)
    • Details
      • Fellowship Global Trips, Global Outreach, General Trip
      • Sunday, June 30 2019 - Sunday, July 14 2019
      • 12:00am-11:59pm
      • $3000.00
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