What does it mean to find Wholehearted life in Jesus? We believe this is the life each one of us is truly made for—and when we find it, we discover our deepest longings and greatest hopes are satisfied in in Jesus alone.

In this significant season of renewal, we have paused to look back over the God-shaped story of redemption that He has faithfully authored over our 20 years together as a church, despite our shortcomings and brokenness. We have also humbly asked for His leadership, seeking direction for how to steward that story well over our next 20 years.

We’ve found that God has been equipping this church—body, staff, and leadership—through faithful narrative, with unique passions and resources, in our particular context, to Glorify Him and make disciples by helping people find wholehearted life in Jesus. Join us as we unpack the renewed Values, Mission Statement, and Strategy we believe Christ has called us to as we chase this new vision together. We were made for this.

Current series at Brentwood
Current Teaching Series at Brentwood Campus

Active Faith: Wholehearted Life in the Book of James

New Testament scholar and author Earl Palmer writes, “This is the book of plain talk in the New Testament and one of the best cures for religious, political and social straitjackets…James is an original…and he has written a book sure to offend everyone in some way.” James “offends” us in the best possible way, he makes us uncomfortable if our words of faith are not matched by works of faith. He does not allow more than a few words to pass, before he pauses as if to say – “Okay, if you say you understand this, show me how you will live in light of it.” It’s the kind of discomfort that produces experiential faith, which is the only faith that really matters. The only kind of faith that produces wholehearted life in us, and through us.

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