Find a Group

Before connecting with a Fellowship Group, read the Fellowship Group Commitment:

It takes commitment and time to grow and be known by others. If you are joining a new group, the initial commitment is a weekly commitment for 10 - 12 weeks. At the end of your initial commitment you can remain with your group until you opt-out. The average group lasts for three to five years.

Winter Group Event

Our Winter Group Events have ended. To find a Fellowship Group in this season, please contact our Groups Team. We would love to help you!

Become a Fellowship Group Leader

Each year, as we launch more groups, the need grows for more Group Leaders. If you have ever lead a small group before or if you are interested in starting and leading a group, email one of our staff below. We're ready to help you understand the process and answer any questions you have.

  1. Upcoming

    Group Leader Resources

    If you are currently leading a group, all resources can be found on our Group Leader Resources page. If you are interested in leading a Fellowship Group, visit the Group Leader Resources page and look under "Lead a Group" to submit your interest.


    1. JJ Jones
      Pastor of Fellowship Groups - Families & Adults
    2. Will Heydel
      Pastor of Fellowship Groups - Young Adults & Young Families
    3. Colleen Radcliff
      Director of Women's Ministry
    4. Jennifer Palmer
      Administrator, Groups & Adult Ministries