Steffen Weil

Fellowship Bible Church began its partnership with Germany after an exploratory vision trip in October of 2008 to the only Masters Level Seminary in Germany that teaches the literal interpretation of the Bible, the Freie Theologische Hochshule (FTH).

The vision team met with several alumni from FTH who had been through the church plant training program. In a visit to Frankfurt, they took part in church plant services where both Pastor Steffen and Pastor Christoph were serving. The entire team was impressed with both pastors' heart and passion to serve the Lord and reach the lost. Steffen and Christoph then shared their vision for jointly planting a church in former East Germany to influence the over 99% of the population that do not know Christ.

Soon after that initial trip, pastors Steffen and Christoph launched their church plant in Potsdam, and it wasn't long before this new relationship turned into a full blown partnership. In December 2009, Christoph and Steffen came to Fellowship’s first Global Summit and in 2010 and 2011 Fellowship sent teams to assist the Potsdam church in their VBS outreach initiatives.

In 2012, Pastor Steffen started a new church called "mittendrin" (in the thick of it) with the specific target of reaching unbelievers in their own backyard! Part of this vision was accomplished by having a coffee shop ministry, Zwitwohnsitz which means “second home.” This café gave the church a connection to the city which opened the door for relationships with locals. The church originally started meeting in an up stairs room of Comedy Club. As the church grow they began meeting in the theater room of the club. In the spring of 2015, a welcome ministry was launched to support refugees in Potsdam. The “refugee crisis” in Germany gave mittendrin a “refugee chance” to share the gospel with a people group they would otherwise not reach. Through this ministry, mittendrin has begun to build relational bridges for outreach.

Supporting Steffen and the mittendrin church has become Fellowship's primary focus in Germany. We’ve had several Fellowship families move to Potsdam to work alongside mittendrin. In January 2013, John & Molly O'Connor relocated to Germany to give their lives away at the mittendrin church. In August, 2013 Ronnie & Leslie Freeman and their 3 children moved to Potsdam to serve as the music and worship leaders. In 2016, Nate and Brittany Bruns and their 3 children answered God’s call for their family to go and work in Potsdam.

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Steffen Weil and his family

Steffen Weil and his family live in Potsdam, Germany and is the pastor of a ministry initiative on the outer circle of Berlin called mittendrin.

Born in 1972, he is the leading pastor of a new church plant. He is the oldest of three siblings. Grown up in a christian family he gave his life to Jesus the Savior at the age of 16.

Having worked as a nurse and as paramedic at the German Red Cross before going to seminary (FTH), he is not only a theoretical theologian but loves putting things into practice. Steffen and his wife, Renata, have four children: Lara-Carlotta, Stina-Elisabetha, Linus-Kalle and Lieve-Anderson.

After seminary he became leading pastor of an evangelical church in Rechtenbach (Frankfurt area) in 2003, a growing church within the Evangelic Association for Germany (EGfD).

During this time he felt a holy restlessness about the spiritual situation in Germany, specifically in former East Germany. He did not want to be contented with managing a traditional church. The desire to plant a relevant and contemporary church in a German city grew. For that reason he completed a church planter training program and training for pastoral care and counseling with his wife Renata. Since 2009 he has lived in the city center of Potsdam with his family and they have no plan to leave.

Steffen loves to travel, read, listen to music, and play music himself. He claims to work out regularly...

A deep personal crisis in 2006 helps him to manage his own resources and limits well. It also enables him to display sensitivity and care in his work as an honorary emergency counsellor.

His people-oriented nature helps him to motivate others for a shared vision. In recent months God has commended him three main aspects for his job as a pastor:

  1. Care for your family.
  2. Preach the Gospel.
  3. Live in a creative community and help others to find their place.

He hopes to make this work more and more in the planting project.


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Each year, we work with our global partners to refine how our involvement might support their essential ministry efforts and projects, and learn about their kingdom-advancement and ministry expansion dreams—if God would provide the means to make them happen.

Last year, God provided resources for our partners' efforts with over $700,000 from our Global Christmas giving. Our plenty, providing for their needs. We encourage you to pray and ask for the Lord’s leading in how your generosity can have an impact all around the world, all to the glory of God!

Expenditure List
Salary Stipend

Fellowship helped to support Steffen and his family as they can’t live on the tithes of a young church-plant.

Part-time Salary Stipend for refugee ministry

We gave money that helped to extend mittendrin’s ministry to the refugees in their community.

“Fatal im Kanal" (Intercultural Street Food Festival) Outreach Event

Our support allowed mittendrin to have an intercultural street food festival which helped to reach their culture with the hope of the gospel.

Expansion of Offices & Counseling Ministry

We gave money that facilitated the expansion of the church offices and added an additional room for a counselling ministry.

Furniture for Multi-Functional Ministry Space

We gave money that allowed them to maximize their ministry efforts and planning by having their own dedicated resources.

FTH Seminary: Endowing Professorship for “Religious Freedom & the Persecution of Christians”

We helped to hire a part-time professor whose job it would be to teach, lecture and write on the subject of "religious freedom and the persecution of Christians", both for our students and as a resource for the churches in Germany.