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Peter Garang Deng came on staff with African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM) in Lietnhom, Sudan as the Regional Coordinator for the Bahr El-Ghazal region in July, 2009.


I am a South Sudanese citizen, born on July 1, 1974, in Jonglei State Twic East County Maar Pakeer Payam. I have one wife, Mary, and together we have four children. I am a 2008 graduate of Pan Africa Christian University Nairobi, Kenya.

I came to know Christ in 1988 in Ethiopia where we had been hosted as lost boys minors. I left my home at 11 years old and was not a Christian. My parents used to worship a traditional god call “deng-yath,” the god of the rain. This god had to be given sacrifices each year. Hence, as I had witnessed before I left home, it cost my father many cows. While in Ethiopia one of the church teachers, Daniel Matiop Aguer, one day approached me and witnessed to me about Christ. He quoted Matthew 25:31-46, saying that on the Day of Judgment, God will separate the sheep and the goats. This happened on a Saturday night, 1988. I had to make sure Daniel took me to Church on Sunday the following day as I confessed before congregation that I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I was the first person to accept Christ in my family.

I came to meet my wife, Mary, in the church when we were younger. We used to see each other and smile at one another. This eventually led to us becoming engaged in a place called Newcush, in South Sudan. This engagement resulted in our marriage on January 23, 2001. We now have four children—two sons and two daughters.

My call into full-time ministry comes as a great passion for longing to serve Christ. God put in my heart to see people being transformed in all aspects of their life, holistically, including their spiritual conviction of Christ Jesus, and their social, physical, economical and psychological well being as well.


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History with ALARM

2000: Fellowship was introduced to the war torn area of Lietnhom, South Sudan when we were invited by Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring, Oregon, and World Relief to help this remote village. Our aim was first, to provide disaster relief to get the community back on their feet, and second, to help the community develop infrastructure through a combination of pastor training to strengthen the church and teacher training to establish the education system. Hundreds of pastors have since received basic ministry training, and to this day, the primary school, grades 1 through 8 is called, “The Linda School.”

2001-2003: Fellowship continued to grow and invest in Lietnhom by taking yearly teams to train pastors and schoolteachers. During this time FBC partnered with World Relief and the local churches of the area, each year finding the village continuing to grow and thrive.

2004: Fellowship began a partnership with Celestin Musekura and his ministry ALARM, which stands for African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries. To learn more about ALARM go to Along with this partnership came the relationship with James Baak, a lost boy who became a pastor and returned to Lietnhom to evangelize it. James and his team oversee all of ALARM’s interests in the Bahr el Ghazal region of South Sudan.

Also in 2004 FBC also added to its annual team a women’s ministry component. This was the first ever of its kind in this traditionally male dominated society. Women are the work force in much of rural Africa providing them with no time or opportunity for education. They are bought and sold for cows and hold no rights or status in the community. However, biblical principles brought to bear bring change. We are seeing change! There is much to do in this area of the world to restore God’s order for women. And, they are hungry for it—ready for vision and training and enabling to rise to their potential.

Fellowship’s partnership with ALARM brought us the opportunity to build a facility and begin seminary level bible training in Yei, South Sudan. This three year program is called CLIS, Christian Leadership Institute of Sudan, and pastors will walk up to 30 days to receive this valued education. FBC’s ongoing involvement of resourcing and equipping these pastors over this three year period gave way to the honor of graduating the first class from this school in December of 2006!

2006: A Children’s Ministry was launched with great success. In addition to Bible/leadership training, and teacher training, FBC also partners with ALARM in their Women’s Economic Empowerment Program (W.E.E.P.) This is designed to provide women access to and training on equipment such as grinding mills, oil presses and sewing machines. Needy women and widows are learning basic vocational skills to start their own businesses providing much needed income and relief from the intense labor of daily chores. This program also instructs women how to utilize such opportunities for evangelism and discipleship training.

2007: We partnered with ALARM for the construction and staffing of both Primary and Secondary schools (which now provides education to this region, grades 1 through 12,) three wells, and the Reconciliation Guest House in ALARM’s compound. Two teams from Fellowship provided Pastor Training, Women’s Training, Children’s Ministry, and Teacher Training in Lietnhom, and a third team will go to provide CLIS training in Yei.

2008: Fellowship sent three teams to Sudan. Team One did trauma recovery training and marriage training in Yei. Team Two did primary and secondary school training in Lietnhom. Team Three did pastor, women’s and children’s ministry training in Lietnhom. Our resolve is strong to continue to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Sudan to help equip them, so they can be even more effective ministers of the gospel and ambassadors for Christ.

2009: Two teams returned to South Sudan. The Lietnhom team provided pastor training, women’s leadership training and children’s ministry. They brought brightly colored t-shirts bearing the word – NGOTH, which is Hope in Dinka. On the final day of the conference, over 200 vibrantly dressed people were worshipping, dancing, and encouraging one another in glorious celebration! The team sent to Yei taught at a marriage workshop and provided much needed school teacher training.

2010: Civil unrest made it too dangerous to send our usual fall teams. In July, however, our Global Pastor was able to return to Yei, South Sudan, to teach at the Christian Leadership Institute of Sudan in Yei.

2011: Fellowship had the privilege of serving in South Sudan in multiple ways. Our school teacher training team experienced their most productive trip yet. The 40 teachers (30 elementary and 10 secondary) in attendance had been hand-picked from the district’s 11 schools, with a strategic goal of training teachers who could train other teachers in their school. Another team travelled to South Sudan’s capital city, Juba, to lead a marriage discipleship workshop. The training was eye opening and challenging to all the participants. Another team travelled to Lietnhom, provided pastor training, women’s leadership training and ministered to many children as well. On another trip our Global Pastor was able to travel to Yei and teach at the.

2012: Outreach Pastor - Brian Petak - and author and psychiatrist - Curt Thompson - travelled to Yei, South Sudan where they taught at the Christian Leadership Institute of South Sudan (CLISS).

2013: A team taught at a pastor's conference in Lietnhom, with a strong emphasis on trauma counseling, women's ministry and children's ministry.


Each year, we work with our global partners to refine how our involvement might support their essential ministry efforts and projects, and learn about their kingdom-advancement and ministry expansion dreams—if God would provide the means to make them happen.

Last year, God provided resources for our partners' efforts with over $700,000 from our Global Christmas giving. Our plenty, providing for their needs. We encourage you to pray and ask for the Lord’s leading in how your generosity can have an impact all around the world, all to the glory of God!

Expenditure List
Basic Agricultural Training

The soil of South Sudan is very fertile, and we have numerous sources of water including rainfall, rivers and boreholes that can help them in irrigating their farms throughout the year. However three quarters of the population are living in starvation and poverty due to laziness that was caused by dependence on relief for long period of war and the insecurity that discourages people from going to their farms. Now through the training that we are carrying out in Lietnhom you are able to find greens from personal self-sufficiency and the market. We want to continue training in these areas so that people are able to produce more products. This training is targeting 180 to enable them to obtain knowledge and skills in organic farming and to provide them with seeds, agricultural tools, and good storage methods to earn a living for their families and to transform their lives and the communities surrounding them.

Adult Literacy

The rate of illiteracy in South Sudan is about 80% of the population, due to a number of factors. The South Sudanese were resistant to learn Arabic education which was considered as a symbol of Islamization, parents prefer their boys to look after their herds of animals, while girls are left for marriage purposes, as such most people are still illiterate. ALARM in Lietnhom has started this program of literacy three years back. Today we have the third level and the total number of the students is 47. In this proposal we are targeting 60 participants. This will enable them to read English and Dinka languages, help their women in calculations in their businesses & help them to read their Bibles.

Sunday School Teacher Training

Children are the future generation of the church so we need to teach them the ways of the Lord. At present we lack trained Sunday school teachers in most of our churches and children ministry is not taken seriously because of lack of vision. We want to develop 30 teachers to gain knowledge and skills in teaching the Sunday school classes. Teaching materials will be provided to enable them to teach the children professionally.

Pastoral Leadership Training Institute (PLTI)

The PLTI of Lietnhom is serving pastors at churches in the region who have minimum biblical and theological education. This training can help them teach the word of God in a correct biblical and theological truth. Strengthen the capacity of Church leaders is important so that they can address the needs of survivors to gain resilience with multiple generation and livelihoods for peaceful co-existence.

ALARM Pastor Salary Stipends

African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM) has staff teams in a number of key locations throughout South Sudan in addition to where we are involved in Lietnhom and Yei. ALARM relies heavily on their church partners to support administrative costs, while they are also working on income-generating and self-sustaining solutions.