Marty Schwieterman

Marty Schwieterman, Pastor of Family Ministry

Marty Schwieterman

Pastor of Family Ministry

Marty was born in Dayton, Ohio to a blue collar, all-American, Catholic family. Raised by hard-working parents, he attended church all the time but had no personal faith of his own. In his senior year of college, two roommates relentlessly shared Christ with him and on October 17, 1981 Marty came to faith in Christ. He was truly born again and has never been the same.

While in college, Marty met his future wife, Lora, in a vocal performance group at the University of Dayton. They fell in love on their first date. Lora became a nurse and Marty became a systems engineer working on all kinds of Air Force weapon systems at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. They married in 1984 and babies began to arrive shortly thereafter.

Fast forward a few years and through their passion for evangelism at their local church, they became convinced that God was calling them to full-time ministry, willing to “go anywhere and do anything for Christ.” They quit jobs, pulled up roots, raised support and moved away from their hometown to focus on serving families through FamilyLife, a marriage and parenting ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. While there, Marty served as the executive director touching hundreds of thousands of lives. They believed with all their hearts that the family is God’s incubator of faith for generations of children to be discipled and to know Christ personally.

Marty and Lora served at FamilyLife until 1998 when another call arrived. It was a call to serve the local church and the call’s target was to help a new church get off the ground in Franklin, Tennessee. It was Fellowship Bible Church.

Over 20 years later, Marty currently serves as the Pastor of Family Ministries, or as he likes to say “the Pastor of All Things Wonderful.” He directs and manages a wide range of ministries including Fellowship Kids, Fellowship Student Ministries, Marriage Ministry, Family Ministry, Promiseland/Childcare, and specialized ministries including Adoption, Foster and Orphan Care, Special Needs Ministries and the Fellowship School of Dance. He has led and helped launch several non-profits in the adoption and foster care realm and currently serves on the board of Faithfully Restored Women.

Every week you will see Marty and Lora serving with big grins in the Learning Center, expressing their love and care to all. And behind every interaction is their passion for proclaiming Christ and growing children, students and families in their faith. Come on over some time and say hi.