Bob Elrod, Elder, Brentwood

Bob Elrod

Elder, Brentwood

Bob’s early home life taught him many of life’s hard lessons. One of his parents was devoted to Christ and lived their faith out tangibly while the other was a harsh alcoholic. When Bob was 12 years old he attended a Billy Graham Crusade and accepted Christ’s invitation to be his personal Savior. He grew in his faith as he worshiped and served in many areas of ministry and attended churches from several different denominations.

The Elrod family: Bob, Marya, Jordyn, Robert and Rachel
The Elrod family: Bob, Marya, Jordyn, Robert and Rachel

Bob met his wife, Marya, when they were both serving as volunteer youth leaders at a Presbyterian church in Augusta, GA. They have been married for 30 years and have three grown children. Jordyn, a 7th grade Language Arts teacher in Nashville. Robert, a third-year medical student in Memphis and Rachel, a senior, Communications Major at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Bob earned his BS degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Mississippi State University. He started his career with Arthur Andersen in New Orleans in their Information Consulting Division. He worked for General Electric for 18 years, moving 13 times for various leadership positons in their Industrial and Medical Systems Divisions. Bob currently works for Johnson Controls, where he has held several executive leadership positions over the past 15 years.

With both parents deceased, Bob now has the honor of directing decisions for the care of his oldest sister in South Carolina who was born with severe mental retardation. Her life continues to profoundly provide insight to him of God’s great goodness and endless mercies.

As a husband to a lovely wife, a father to three incredible children and serving as an elder at Fellowship, Bob continues to grow in his understanding and is still amazed by how awesome our God is.